There are a diverse range of different local musicians bringing their take on rock and roll to the Rock/Alternative stage at this year's Boise Music Festival! Here's an in-depth look at who's going to be performing this year!

The first act to perform on the Rock/Alternative stage is Caedus, a four-piece pop punk/emo band from Boise, Idaho, who will be taking the stage at 11 AM. The band formed in 2015 and consists of four friends who decided to form a band after recording an episode of their Just Nerd Stuff podcast.

The modern rock band Good Mourning will be taking the stage at 12 PM, bringing their mix of alternative, indie and acoustic medleys to the Boise Music Festival. The group has been together for over eleven years now and has played at venues such as the Knitting Factory and the Venue. Denyde will be taking the Rock/Alternative stage at 1 PM.

A power trio of reggae, rock, hip hop and pop music, Pause for the Cause will be taking the stage at 2 PM. Based in Boise, Idaho and consisting of three members, the group is currently planning a US tour and the dates have yet to be confirmed.

An indie rock band from Boise, Idaho, The Codlands will be performing at 3 PM. The group pulls inspiration from bands such as The Melvins, Johnny Cash and Tom Petty. The trio met at Boise State University and perform unique and eclectic songs.

Performing at the Rock/Alternative stage at 4 PM, Vault 7 are a hard rock band from Boise, Idaho who have played side by side with some of the best local and national hard rock and metal bands.

At 5 PM, Brian Bateman and Like No One will be taking the stage. Bateman grew up in Mountain Home, Idaho and his single 'Save Me' charted in the Top 40 alongside major label artists including Madonna, Linkin Park and Pink. His debut album 'White Lie' was released in 2002 and he began his professional music career shortly after high school.

Playing at 6 PM, Lakoda are influences from a wide range of different genres, from rock, pop, funk, progressive and alternative music. The quintet released their first full-length album, "No Longer a Fan" in December of 2015.

As Fire Falls will take the stage at 7 PM, bringing their metal/post-hardcore sound to the Boise Music Festival. Their single "World in Grey" appeared in the top 30 on Billboard's chart for Christian Rock.

The final act performing at the Rock/Alternative stage at 8 PM, metal band Midline will be taking the stage. Their first album was released in 1994 and they've opened for national acts such as Queensryche at the Boise State University Pavilion.