Four Reasons to Snag a Carnival Pass
There are various ticket options available for guests who want to enjoy the Boise Music Festival. If you're wondering what ticket best suits your party's needs - consider the Carnival pass! It can be purchased in advance, at the door OR it can be purchased as a package deal that includes y…
Boise Music Festival is excited to bring back these thrilling rides for our 2017 event. Enjoy the Tilt A Whirl or the Tornado as you spend the day in our family-friendly event. Want to ride everything all day? Carnival wristbands will be available soon in limited quantities.
BMF Carnival
How can you possibly make the Boise Music Festival even better? Add a Monkey Maze, Kamikaze, YO-YO, Starship 2000, Ali Baba, Power Surge, Ferris wheel and more!