Local Stage Lineup 2023

The local stage line-up has been announced! Check it out below!

Singer Song Writer/Acoustic Stage

KEV DVS- 11:00am
Jen Whittaker- 12:00pm
Less Cloudy- 1:00pm
Lindzey Autumn- 2:00pm
Wes Shlag- 3:00pm
Tucker DeCory- 4:00pm
Shantelle Wood - Baby Blues- 5:00pm
Jay William Miller- 6:00pm
Rivers Wild- 7:00pm

Rock & Alternative Stage

Krim - 11:00am
Neptune Moon- 12:00pm
The Crawlouts- 1:00pm
Balks- 2:00pm
Coma Throne- 4:00pm
Surf Green Machine- 5:00pm
Reason Within- 6:00pm
AsFireFalls- 7:00pm

Roots/Indie Stage

Various Lazy- 11:00pm
Red Light Challenge- 12:00pm
Minor Paradox- 1:00pm
Sam Henry Band- 2:00pm
Rhodes Hull Magic Band- 3:00pm
Allegedly- 4:00pm
Highway45- 5:00pm
M Rose & The Weary- 6:00pm
Aaron Ball Band- 7:00pm

Hip Hop Stage

DJ Tuggy- 11:00am
Ishan Tha Alchemist- 11:15am
DJ Tuggy- 11:30am
Shaddox- 11:45am
DJ Tuggy- 12:05pm
Clarissa Hays- 12:20pm
DJ Tuggy- 12:35pm
Tony G- 12:50pm
DJ Tuggy- 1:15pm
Derrty Shirt n Spinmaster Mugen Ft. Ace Flo- 1:30pm
DJ Tuggy- 1:55pm
Lil Chris- 2:10pm
DJ Tuggy- 2:35pm
Kind- 2:50pm
DJ Rahkeem- 3:05pm
L Nasty Beat Set- 3:20pm
Arcturus the Architect- 3:35pm
DJ Rahkeem- 3:50pm
Axiom The Wyze- 4:05pm
DJ Rahkeem- 4:30pm
Touch- 4:45pm
DJ Rahkeem- 5:10pm
Ready Starr- 5:25pm
Hot N' Heated- 5:50pm
DJ Rahkeem- 6:15pm
Ill ZakieL- 6:30pm