While we have some pretty awesome Boise Music Festival tickets (hint: cool zone & pit passes) there's one ticket we introduced last year that has become the ultimate Boise Music Festival deal. The BMF Pre-Party ticket!

This deal is only available while supplies last and last year we were PACKED with people taking advantage of this HOT offer.

For $25 you can score tickets to our official Pre-BMF Pre-Party event AND score a Boise Music Festival general entry ticket! That's admission to TWO events for only $25!

The best part? Boise Music Festival tickets are currently $29 + tax/fees on our website. This deal is not only CHEAPER than buying Boise Music Festival tickets at our current asking prices but it also includes access to Boise's best pre-party event!

There will be live music, there will be water slides and there WILL be fun! Purchase your tickets HERE while supplies last!

You can view pictures from last year's event HERE!