Consisting of five brothers, Spencer’s Own are one of the hottest new country groups in music today and they’ll be bringing their own, unique take on modern country music to the Boise Music Festival on June 25.

Mixing traditional harmonies with edgy vocals, the quintet consists of brothers Nathan, Morgan, Jordan, Nic and Quinn. Growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho, the group began performing as a band in anywhere from schools to festivals to spread their music to wider audiences. By echoing messages of love and friendship, the group wrote songs that listeners could relate to in a significant way.

By crossing genres and challenging many of the genre rules of country music, the band has managed to build a loyal fan base and continue to defy expectations. The name of the group, Spencer’s Own, comes from the name of their father, Spencer, who’s been a constant inspiration in their life.

The group released their self-titled EP in 2015 and their single ‘Livin’ in the Moment’ has been gaining increased popularity, as the band released a music video to the track this year on the cable network AXS TV. The hit single grew out of an impromptu writing session, which led them to their introduction into country radio.

The band wrote a tribute to the Gem state they grew up in with their track ‘Idaho Love’ in 2013.

Check out Spencer’s Own at their official website, or by visiting their Facebook or Twitter page and don’t miss them as they take the stage at this year’s Boise Music Festival!