Every year we strive to make Boise Music Festival better. This year we put a focus on how we could better showcase all of the incredible local talent in the Treasure Valley. In addition to the awesome Commercial Tire Main Stage, we'll have four local stages around Expo Idaho with a little of something for everyone. Congrats to all the artists playing the Rock/Alternative Stage!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our local artists! Check out the Rock/Alternative Stage photos!

  • Good Mourning (11-11:45a)

    Good Mourning is a local modern rock band in Boise that combines classic and modern rock guitars with ethereal vocals, aspiring harmonies and steady rhythms. Their realm of musical inspirations touch from Indie and Modern Rock, Pop, and Acoustic Medleys, which unite fans of all ages, backgrounds and musical interests.

    This diverse group is a functional foster family, in the sense, together now since 2005 and still strong. From backgrounds to occupations, lifestyles/families and musical inspirations, this group combines every aspect together to form a family of musicians. Singer, song writer, keyboards and guitar, Crystal Macias brings the modern era of rock, which provides an emotional oversight to the group; Hawaiian Keoni Nelsen, adds spirited flares to lead guitars, as well as balanced vocals; Scott Rittenhouse rivets a “Pink Floyd” inspiration to his lead guitar; Craig Rittenhouse on drums vamps up the beat from iconic and inspirational drummers of the heavy metal rock era of the ‘70s; bassist Brandon Nuss, hastens his many guitar influences and regurgitates them through the bass amp. Through all the mutual admiration, understanding, and diversity, Good Mourning has taken over the Treasure Valley, creating a unique live experience, and sound, for all ages.

  • Brian Bateman (12-12:45p)

    Singer/songwriter Brian Bateman grew up in a small town in southern Idaho. At 18 he began touring the northwest – a journey that eventually landed him in the middle of the music industry in Los Angeles. In 2002 he recorded his debut album White Lie – recognized by MP3.com and Billboard Hits of the Web as one of the most downloaded releases by an independent artist in 2003. The first single “Save Me” charted in the Top 40 alongside major label artists including Madonna, John Mayer, Pink, and Linkin Park. White Lie was recorded by industry legend Guy Charbonneau for Le Mobile Remote Recording and featured “Insomniac” - a song penned by Kristian Bush who went on to form the critically acclaimed group Sugarland.

    After several years promoting White Lie, Brian returned to Idaho to re-direct his focus on the importance of songwriting and his family. He launched a solo acoustic career that took him all over the country - and in recent years has opened for many notable acts such as the legendary recording artist Meat Loaf and with his childhood hero Rick Springfield.

    In 2011 Brian formed The Brian Bateman Blend – A four-piece that have performed at some of the biggest music events in Idaho - including four appearances at the Boise Music Festival, Hyde Park Street Fair, 2012 Soul Food Extravaganza, and numerous appearances at Knitting Factory opening for noteworthy touring acts including Micky and the Motorcars, JJ Grey and MOFRO, Alpha Rev, Blackberry Smoke, Casey Donahew Band, and Charlie Worsham.

    As a solo artist or with The Brian Bateman Blend, his songs consistently sit in the Top 10 highest charting Rock acts in Boise on ReverbNation and have seen 4 songs from The Blend debut album go to #1 on MTV’s OurStage charts in Country, Alternative Country, Folk, and Acoustic. Brian has been played regularly on worldwide radio stations including KLOS in Los Angeles, and was featured in an article for Huffington Post.

    Brian Bateman is currently writing material for a new album to be released in 2015.

  • Rain For Dust (1-1:45p)

    Rain For Dust consists of Tony Espinosa (guitar), Adam Benavides (bass), Timm Smith (drums), and Shane Kelsey (vocals). Formed in Rupert, Idaho in 2012, we have played many shows in various local venues. Our sound is an eclectic mixture of classic metal and 90s grunge with a heavy underlying blues tone. We’ve had the honor of sharing the stage with acts such as Pop Evil, Royal Bliss, Wayland, Stitched Up Heart, and American Hitmen (featured in America’s Got Talent season 8). We are currently writing and recording to release our first EP by the end of the summer.

  • Lakoda (2-2:45p)

    Lakoda is comprised of singer Paul Castronova, drummer Alex Ridgeway, Bassist Joe Szlanic, and guitarist Brock Bartel. All members have been in different bands previously and all joined up to create a new sound that relies on large choruses and catchy melodies.

  • Like A Rocket (3-3:45p)

    Like A Rocket is a 3pc murderously hot Alt Country band featuring Speedy Gray on Guitar, Max Klymenko on drums and Andy Cenarrusa on bass. Like A Rocket is currently recording their 3rd full length release High John The Conqueror, and their 2nd EP Raucous will be released on May 1.

  • AsFireFalls (4-4:45p)

    From melodic and harmonious piano tracks to hard hitting dominant guitars, AsFireFalls is definitely a band you want to listen to and you don't want to miss live. Although the band has been around since 2011, it was re-formed in late 2013 in Boise Idaho and quickly became a hard-hitting, energetic, unstoppable metal machine and they definitely know how to show it on stage.

    Original music is described by fans as Metal/Techno or Electronic/Post Hardcore. When AFF is not playing shows or working on new music, the band enjoys hanging out together as friends, but as soon as they step on a stage and stop being four people and become one band, it quickly becomes apparent that their performance is their true outlet and haven. AsFireFalls’ single “Home” has consistently been in the number one spot in N1 Genre Chart Toppers!

    In addition to their unique sound and positive message, AsFireFalls is known for its energetic fresh performance and crowd interaction. Fans love how “real” the band is on and off the stage and how they actually enjoy hanging out and interacting with them.

    AsFireFalls is currently unsigned and playing as often as possible, building their fan base, and fulfilling their calling along the way.

  • Green Zoo (5-5:45p)

    The Green Zoo is a collection of like-minded musicians who have come together to create challenging, intelligent (but above all) interesting music. Their first album, "Crow Songs: An Auditory Exploration of Existential Themes." was completed as the senior project of the band's lead vocalist, Thomas Newby

  • The Vacationist (6-6:45p)

    RANKED #1 REVERB NATION (Boise, ID). Featured on main page of ReverbNation

    The Vacationist formed in the summer of 2014. Cary Judd was working on what was originally intended as a solo album. After renting a small office in a complex to work on the album, he reached out to Conor Souhrada, a sound designer he’d made friends with through his job at a local music store to occupy an empty office in the same complex. Over the course of the summer they began collaborating on each other’s projects. In a short time, they dubbed their work space, “The Wormhole Studio”, which quickly became a respected studio and production house in the Boise, ID area.

    As Judd’s work on the album progressed, he found himself knocking on Conor’s door more and more frequently to help generate sounds and give advice on production. Judd had originally thought of The Vacationist as the title for his solo album, but as production continued it was clear that a new band was organically evolving. Between Souhrada’s work on the album and the frequent visits from other local musicians throwing in ideas along the way, the duo started recruiting their favorite Wormhole regulars and building a like-minded gang.

    By the fall Conor and Cary had recruited Sam Carrier, a talented guitar player who is known for his 6 string soundscapes, Kaleb Aaron a hard hitting rock drummer and road vet on drums, Sunnie Lynne, a photographer that shared space in the same complex who evolved into an on-stage light designer and backup vocalist, and Dishwalla bass player Scot Alexander.

    The sound and lyrical content of The Vacationist is inspired by the common interests of the band members. Interests in physics, spirituality, and humanity’s place in the cosmos are painted over sprawling soundscapes with heart pounding rhythms to create The Vacationist sound.

    Their self-titled release, “The Vacationist” will be out this fall.

  • Lounge on Fire (7-7:45p)

    Steel cut, blackened and peppered, rock-hopped hip-dipped cock-eyed funk-trunked flat-on-your-back pants-off-dance-off machine

  • Midline (8-8:45p)

    MIDLINE began its journey in Boise, Idaho with founding members, vocalist Anthony Fagiano and guitarist Scott Elliott. Their 1994 self titled release debuted at #1 in local sales. With four singles, each receiving hot rotation spins locally (on the independently owned KQZR 100.3 FM) and occasional radio play from neighboring states, MIDLINE captured the attention of the Northwestern music scene. MIDLINE’s relentless schedule led to the welcoming of new bassist, Stymie, and the 1997 release of their hard hitting second CD “Damage Done”. MIDLINE continued touring, increasing a solid fan base. CD sales continued to rise with little to no help from radio. MIDLINE’s popularity and uncompromising live show led to opening slots with national acts including their first arena debut with Queensryche at the Boise State University Pavilion. The year 1998 proved to be a pivotal year for MIDLINE as new drummer Fred Fischer was brought on board. The circle was now complete and MIDLINE continued to reach new heights as musicians and brothers. This bond became the driving force behind the band. MIDLINE’s new found forward motion led to playing two arena shows with Motley Crue on their Kick Start Your Career tour. They were the only unsigned band on the whole tour to play more than one show. In 2001 MIDLINE release their 3rd album, “In For a Quick Garden”. MIDLINE once again debuted #1 in local sales and was met with rave reviews. MIDLINE shared the bill with such artists as Godsmack, Saliva, and Sevendust to a name a few. In 2001 MIDLINE participated in music conferences such as The Temecula International Film and Music Festival and the renowned South by Southwest (SXSW) music conference in Austin, Texas. MIDLINE’s performance at SXSW garnered them a corporate sponsorship with Jagermeister. MIDLINE performed dates on the 2002 and 2003 Jagermeister Music Tours with artist such as Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, Coal Chamber, Hed PE and Breaking Benjamin. In 2006 MIDLINE was hard at work, writing and performing new songs that were found on their 4th CD, “Wreckage” which was slated for a 2006 summer release. New songs include the monstrous song “Edge”, the thought provoking imagery of “Wreckage” (a song about the death of Fred’s father in a plane crash), and the undeniable heavy groove of “Chain Saw”. Between 2006 and 2009, MIDLINE continued to tour the west, opening for acts such as Buckcherry, Filter, Hinder, Ted Nugent and other national bands. In May 2009, after 20 years together, MIDLINE decided to take a hiatus in order to focus on their families, business ventures and other projects. In 2012, MIDLINE reunited to do a one-off with Saving Able and Dead Sara. Their energetic performance led to an invite to open for Avatar and Eye Empire. MIDLINE has received positive and outstanding feedback from their rekindled chemistry and are continuing to write and perform. MIDLINE has stood the test of time and continues to strive for success. They’ve been paying dues for so long they own the company!