It’s been two years since Sky Blu, younger member of the dynamic electro-pop dance duo LMFAO, experienced a debilitating back injury that prohibited him from rocking the stage, but three herniated discs and a cracked vertebra aren’t enough to hold back this Grammy-nominated artist, DJ, singer-songwriter and producer.

At first glance, Sky seems like a walking party; a wiggler and shuffler to the fans delivering nonstop club action to the masses, but look further beneath that party exterior and you will find a brilliant and passionate budding mogul with a distinct knack for artistic creation and a charitable heart just as big as his larger-than-life "party rock" persona.

At age 19, Sky Blu moved into his Uncle Stefan’s (Redfoo) studio apartment in Hollywood, California and started his musical mentorship and collaboration. The duo created music and played it in clubs throughout the Los Angeles area. Foo was the DJ, and Sky the MC. In 2007, both Sky and Foo attended the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. On April 1, 2007, LMFAO was born. They created both a sound and lifestyle that they called Party Rock.

The group has released two chart-topping albums. The first, Party Rock, debuted in 2009 and made the world go dance crazy with singles like, “I’m In Miami Bitch,” “La La La,” “Shots,” “Yes,” and “Get Crazy.” Party Rock garnered a 2009 Grammy® nomination for Best Dance Album.

Their sophomore album, Sorry for Party Rocking (released in 2011) sealed the duo’s staying power. “Party Rock Anthem” topped the Billboard Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks, and went #1 in over 19 countries. The video has garnered over 650,000,000 views on YouTube and sold over 7 million copies in the U.S. alone. The second single off this album, “Sexy and I Know It”, also went #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, selling over 6 million copies and reaching over 280,000,000 video views on YouTube. At the 2012 Super Bowl, LMFAO performed alongside Madonna in the largest viewed Super Bowl in NFL history! The album won the group six Billboard Awards including Hot 100 Song of the Year and Top Duo/Group.

So what’s next for this 28 year-old superstar? Along with a long list of humanitarian projects, Sky Blu is living up to his promise of the past year, thundering into 2014 with a new album, Party President. Meet Sky Blu, THE Party President.

“Every aspect of what I’m trying to do with Party President will be all Sky Blu. All me.”
The first official single from Party President, “Pop Bottles,” lit up the nightlife scene all over the country. “Go on Girl” debuted with a live performance on the Arsenio Hall Show and is available now at iTunes. The album is currently available at


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