Ticket prices for Boise Music Festival went up on Monday - but if you haven't scored your tickets yet, you're in luck! You just need to be free starting at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6th.

We'll be hiding pairs of tickets throughout downtown Boise for YOU to claim. If you're the first to locate and secure the pair of tickets at any given location - they're yours!

Getty Images Noam Galai Stringer

Here's how to win:

Follow Boise Music Festival on Facebook and Instagram. It's important that you follow BOTH accounts - as we'll be posting half of the clues on the Boise Music Festival Facebook page, and the other half on our Instagram page.

Check in at 4 p.m. for your first clue of where the tickets are located. We'll be announcing new locations frequently - so be ready!

Get your family, get your friends, or simply get a pair of comfy shoes and get set! Tickets are currently selling for $45 at this year's festival - so winning a pair of tickets is a $90 value!

We look forward to seeing you around downtown Boise for some good ol' fun and free tickets!

In case you haven't heard yet, here's this year's Boise Music Festival lineup. 

Mike Windle Staff

The Fine Print:

While we highly encourage BMF fans to try and score these tickets together, we ask that once you win a pair - you let others have their fair chance at winning. In order to do this, we're asking all participants to be 16 years or older, and require that all winners only win a maximum of one (1) pair of tickets. Townsquare Media reserves the right to make the final decission on all winners.