Ryan Robinette will be performing at this year’s Boise Music Festival on June 25 at the Main Stage at 1:30 PM! We asked him a few questions about his career and how he became the musician he is today. 

What made you want to perform music and pursue it as a career?

Wow, such a tough question because I don’t know if I ever had a “defining moment” per say, but I do know I had such an incredible love for music at a young age. My Father Keith Robinette is a singer/songwriter as well, and I remember him singing to me when I was young and it kind of sparked it all. Played sports all my life and it took up a lot of time but music was something I always escaped to when life wasn’t necessarily perfect and I learned to play guitar when I was in middle school and started writing simultaneously, I knew instantly, I wanted to create not just play.

What is something you want to do as a musician that you haven't gotten the chance to do yet?

I would say reach more people with my music, I grew up close to Jamboree In The Hills which is a legendary country music festival in southeastern Ohio and to me playing that is something on my bucket list.

How does working with social media help you in your career? 

Man, social media is a game changer. It levels the playing field, you can actually create a following and get yourself around the country without relying on someone else to invest in you or get you there. I wouldn’t be playing Boise Music Fest if not for social media, I cannot wait to see where it continues to take me. I have the most amazing fans, and they are truly the ones who have made this possible. I put it out there, they are the ones making it move, I love them all for it.

What's your favorite song you've written so far throughout your musical career?

Always a tough question when I get this, I’ve written so many songs, most that nobody (or few) will ever hear. They all have their own importance for different reasons, whether for personal reasons or just because they’re likeable songs. “For Awhile” in it’s short life has been instrumental in getting me in front of people and opening their eyes a little for what’s to come off my next EP. This next EP due out end of July will have two of my favorite songs for sure that I’ve ever written, one is called “Halfway Whole” that I wrote with Murphy Elmore from Sony and the other I wrote with a friend of mine John Rhey and it’s called “Hay Girl”. They are complete opposite spectrums and I love them both and hope others will too!

How do you feel you've grown as a musician since releasing your first EP?

The recording process is a very humbling experience, it’s expensive, and you’re surrounded with amazingly talented musicians and producers, so you are able to learn a lot as you go. First EP was definitely rushed, this one is going to be right on the money I think and a great representation of me as a writer and an artist, great hooks in the songs and overall more mature writing.

What is your songwriting process like?

I get that a lot, as most writers do, and I think the answer is always similar to this “there is no set process”. Sometimes I come up with a cool line, sometimes its just an idea, sometimes we have nothing and we just sit and play guitar and talk/sing until we get something.

How has growing up in Ohio influenced you musically? 

Well I grew up in a very small village in southern Ohio, too small to be labeled a town haha but I wouldn’t change anything, it made me who I am and I was surrounded by great, honest, hardworking people for the most part and it shaped who I am. I have the best friends and family and I miss them but there is a line in a Kacey Musgraves song I love where she talks about always calling her hometown, her home, and she said she had to get away so she could grow and that’s really what happens to a lot of us, it’s not because we’re not grateful for where we are, but we want to grow and Ohio gave me some great roots for growth.

Who are your favorite country artists/bands currently?

Too many to name, I love artists but I also always do my due diligence to find out who the writers behind the songs are because they are just as big a part of the song as the artist. But back to the question: Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, Sam Hunt, Kane Brown (inspired by the social media path he took), my good buddy Tyler Rich is killing it and you’ll hear much more from him, Dustin Lynch always puts out great songs, I could go on and on, I hate leaving people out.

What was working with songwriter George Ducas like for you?

George is a great artist, great person and great writer he was my first co-write with a pro-writer, I mean, I remember learning how to play/sing his songs and songs he had wrote, so it was an incredible honor to be able to pick his brain and get to know him and he took me in and we talked a lot about the state of the industry, life and music.

What message do you hope to send through your songs and your live shows?

That you can do whatever you want, it isn’t easy, not for most. Keep working, keep grinding, there are so many talented people out there, you have to keep working hard. I like to write songs that people can connect with, I always hope to find that “repeat” factor, where you hear a song, and instantly you want to hear it again. Live shows are definitely fun, that’s when you get a chance to actually personally interact with the people who are supporting you and let them know you appreciate them.