There are various ticket options available for guests who want to enjoy the Boise Music Festival. If you're wondering what ticket best suits your party's needs - consider the Carnival pass! It can be purchased in advance, at the door OR it can be purchased as a package deal that includes your Boise Music Festival ticket.

Here are four considerations for why you should purchase a carnival pass!


1. It’s like going to the fair only an ENTIRE month early

Why wait until the end of July to hit up the fair when you can enjoy it in June!?! Not only is the weather more favorable for riding attractions, but it's actually more affordable AND there are fewer lines! If you or your party enjoy living on the adventurous side - this is the best way to enjoy classic attractions!

2. You get UNLIMITED access to every ride

UNLIMITED! As attractions continue to get more expensive, here at Boise Music Festival you can enjoy spinning, twirling and getting butterflies in your stomach as much as you'd like! With the carnival wristband - you can ride as frequently as you'd like!

3. There is something for ALL AGES

No 48" requirement for all rides here! Whether you have little ones - or you want to ride the same attractions with your entire family - there's something for everyone! Our favorite this year? The Ferris wheel! Not only is it perfect for riding multiple times, but the view is unbelievable!


4. You can get the best seats in the house during our main stage performances

Believe it or not, outside of the Cool Zone and Pit Passes - some of the best locations to view the main stage performances are from rides including our Ferris wheel. Granted, you won't have much time to view the main stage performances while you're twisting and turning - but hey! It's a one-of-a-kind view!

Convinced yet? Click HERE to purchase your Carnival Tickets now!