2014 Photos

Stage 3: Hip Hop
The CWI Hip Hop Stage produced some good beats throughout the day. Thank you Tay Money, Josiah Savino, Holistic Meditation & Monkey D, Hopeless Hero, Ready Starr, Illest Lyricist, Griffin House, Magic Mic, and ZeRo!
Stage 2
The Papa John's Acoustic/Indie Rock Stage had a wide variety of crowd-pleasing acts. This stage could easily claim they were the most popular local stage at the Boise Music Festival. Thank you to Lokton, Hang Eleven, A-n-D & Friends, Alexa Cashen, Saigon Country, Andrew McBride, Michael…
Stage 4: Family
There was singing and there was dancing at the Lyle Pearson Family Stage. A great time was had by all ages.
Boise Music Festival is excited to bring back these thrilling rides for our 2017 event. Enjoy the Tilt A Whirl or the Tornado as you spend the day in our family-friendly event. Want to ride everything all day? Carnival wristbands will be available soon in limited quantities.

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